About Laurent Nay

It was in 2007, in the heart of the spectacular countryside of the Dordogne in South West France, that Laurent began making hand-made luggage for the vintage and classic car market.

A trusted craftsman and designer, now well-known by discerning car collectors world-wide, Laurent pays as much attention to the quality of the calf-skins used to cover his trunks and suitcases as he does to the hard-ware and buckles (polished or varnished brass, brushed or shiny nickel or nickel plated chrome) that finish off his luggage so perfectly.

Whether new, personalised designs (Ready to Travel), or exact copies of original luggage, (Made-to-Measure) Laurent’s hand-made luggage brings an exceptional sophistication to the world of vintage car enthusiasts and those who adore these beautiful machines.  

Today, Laurent unveils his newest lines – a range of suitcases for the boot/trunks of both the Mercedes 190SL and the timeless traveller, the Jaguar XK.